PlaaS solutions, which the customers thank for.

“RESMI” is a Kazakhstan investment management company.

Since 1994, it has successfully completed more than 20 investment projects and made a number of large transactions with an average return on investment of 35%. The completed transactions include insurance companies, pension and mutual funds with assets under management of more than $500 million. RESMI is the first public company specializing in real estate investments in Kazakhstan.

In 2016 "RESMI" Group of Companies came up with a need for a comprehensive solution: it was necessary to create a digital product for the already existing loyalty program.

The matter is that one of the “RESMI” projects is RG Brands, the leader in the sphere of production of beverages and food products in Kazakhstan. RG Brands owns such brands as "Piala" tea, "Moe" milk, "Asu" water, "Gracio" and "Nectar Sunny" juices, "Grizzly" potato chips. The company needed a tool that would transfer loyalty programs from offline to the digital environment and give buyers the opportunity to save money and use bonuses as real money.

Having diversified experience of rendering digital financial services to individuals, Wooppay solved the problem in a comprehensive manner. We created the Salem Pay eWallet – RESMI’s own brand – as an optimal option of the transaction loyalty system. What else, if not a wallet, will allow to store bonuses equal to money and use them the way you like?

At the heart of Wooppay is a high-tech and flexible platform that allows you to implement financial instruments of varying complexity and focus. It was used as the basis of the wallet. Wooppay developed the design and functionality of the service, took on the issues of financial and information security, regular reports to the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and second-tier banks, mutual settlements with suppliers and provided legal support for the project. The mobile application developed by Wooppay specialists has become an interface of interaction with the customers.

In addition to all of the above, RESMI received a wide range of suppliers, whose services can be paid for by the customers of the wallet. Wooppay provides gateways to many organizations in Kazakhstan and has flexible terms of cooperation.

If “RESMI” company itself had undertaken the development and maintenance of the service, the process would have taken much longer and required a large capital investment. First of all, the experience of previous projects and the competence of Wooppay allowed RESMI to obtain its own payment instrument in a short time and to check it in action with the clients.

As a result, the company’s customers were able to manage bonuses of all loyalty programs in their mobile phone – the wallet made it easy to manage the rewards. Today in Salem Pay you can accumulate bonuses from your favorite products and use them to pay the Internet bills, utilities, television, replenish your mobile balance, buy content in online games, tickets to movies and concerts, goods in online stores. Customers can also send their bonuses to a bank card or account, withdraw funds through Qazkom ATMs, and repay loans. The transfer of the buyer from the retail consumer sector to the Internet for the first time gave the company the opportunity to work with the customer after making the purchase.

Don’t be afraid to do what nobody has done before you – this is what progress is.

SalemPay from RESMI is a simple proof that brands with customer base should not be limited by their core products, but can rather engage their customers further by leveraging digital technologies typically available only to large online brands or banks.